A photographer makes a living taking and editing photographs, and selling them to clients or as pieces of art. They normally specialice in a particular type of photography, for example weddings, family portraits, corporate, stock imagery, landscapes, wildlife, sport, travel, documentary, reportage, fashion, food and many, many more. Types of client include individuals, corporate businesses, schools, newspapers, magazines, travel agents, websites, stock image companies and art collectors. Most photographers are self employed, but some are employed, for example a local newspaper photographer. The day varies depending on the specialism, but is typically divided into shooting, editing and other business aspects such as marketing and client management. Discover what it’s like to be a photographer below!

3 February 2017
United Kingdom
Portrait photographer

1 June 2017
The Netherlands
Travel photographer

26 February 2017
United Kingdom
Food photographer

6 August 2014
United States
Music photographer

8 October 2013
United States

21 May 2017
United States
Pet photographer

4 February 2017
Fashion photographer

15 May 2017
United States
Sports photographer

25 September 2018
United States
Wildlife photographer

5 March 2019
United States
Wedding photographer

23 September 2014
United States

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